About us

Masilfrutas SAG Ltd is an agricultural company in the western region of Portugal , which is engaged in production and marketing of fruit products , Royal Gala apple (among other varieties) and Rocha Pear. Back in 2004 , three brothers born and raised within the horticulture, face the demands of markets and rethought the family business , modernizing the farm from the land to the storage and conservation systems , investing in new technologies and in new markets.

There were several investments in cultivation since its foundation currently are about 72 acres of cultivation ,? Rocha Pear and ? Apples , mostly Royal Gala apple. Equally important are investments on capacity and quality of storage and packaging products . The storage capacity is 1,800 tons , 1,500 tons are controlled atmosphere cold storage . Our packing lines have a capacity of about 41 tons per week , depending on the characteristics of the packaging and specifications for customer / market.