Masilfrutas is a company located in the region of Fanadia - Caldas da Rainha dedicated to producing Rocha Pear and Royal Gala apples ( among other varieties ).

The microclimate that characterizes the entire West region of Portugal, provides exceptional conditions for fruit production, so the pears and apples from this region have great organoleptic qualities ( color, taste and aroma ) , appreciated and recognized worldwide.

All our production and packaging is based on standards of Integrated Production , GlobalGap , HACCP and BRC:

The scheme of Integrated Production:

The Integrated Production System is a protection against the enemies of crops , taking into account the particular conditions of the environment and population dynamics ( of the species in question ) . This system provide the meeting , in practice of the two concepts : the chemical control and biological control , in order to provide the best results in terms of production quality and environmental protection.

The adoption of integrated production has provided very significant benefits:

  • Increased consumer confidence;
  • Differentiation of the final productions , by increasing the levels of quality with lower chemical use ;
  • Contribute to greater profitability of crops;
  • Reduction of the severity of pest problems;
  • Protection of natural resources for future generations;

GLOBALGAP standards:

GLOBALG.A.P. is a private organization that sets standards for the certification of production processes of agricultural products standards.
O GLOBALG.A.P. is primarily designed to reassure consumers about how food is produced on the ground , minimizing the negative environmental impacts of farming operations , reducing the use of chemicals and ensuring health and safety of the worker, as well as the respect of nature. Source: